Yardwaste Frequently Asked Questions


No.  Yardwaste must be placed in paper yardwaste bags, placed loose in 32-gallon trash cans, or bundled with string/twine.

    1. Yardwaste is collected year around.  During the winter months all yardwaste is collected with garbage.  During the rest of the year, yardwaste may be collected separately.

As of April 6, 2020, the City and Waste Management agreed to a limit of four 32-gallon cans or paper yardwaste bags.  This limit will be in effect until further notice, and is a response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

    1. At any time yardwaste may be collected separately so it may be composted.   For that to occur, it must be prepared properly. Also, your garbage collection is limited to five containers, while yardwaste is unlimited.  The collection contractor must be able to identify the yardwaste so it doesn’t count against the five container limit for garbage.

The first goal of the City and collection contractor is to pick up all material on the day of collection.  Currently, the collection contractor has not been able to hire enough qualified drivers to complete separate collection of yardwaste citywide on the day of collection.  It is lawful for yardwaste to go the landfill used by the City. The Pheasant Point landfill generates electricity for OPPD from the decomposing garbage and yardwaste increases that electricity generating capability.  The collection contractor is compensating the City for the cost of the increased tonnage going to the landfill.

The Cooperative Extension can help you understand your landscaping and maintenance options, but here are four brochures to get you started related to reducing the amount of grass you collect.

Your choice.  Remove the pot and it’s yardwaste.  Pot and all, it’s garbage.

No. You must empty the leaves out of the pumpkin bags and into either paper yardwaste bags, or loose into 32-gallon trash cans.

If the bales are still in good shape so that someone else could use them, place them on the curb with a sign that says FREE. If not picked up in a couple days, be a good neighbor and dispose of them this next way.

Properly prepare the material for yardwaste collection. Because the bales are likely too heavy, you will need to break apart the bales of straw for collection. Put the straw in paper yardwaste bags, or loose in a trash can.

During the few weeks following Christmas, there are Christmas tree collection sites.  Haul the tree to these sites the same way you got the tree to your home. For more information about the Christmas tree drop-off sites, click here.  Once these sites close, or if you choose at any time, you may prepare the tree for collection as yardwaste by trimming the branches and either bundling or placing in paper yardwaste bags or loose in trash cans.  Be aware that the trunk may be too large for yardwaste collection.

No.  We consider those things household garbage because they have a lot of wire, twine and other decorations incorporated into them.  

No.  We consider those things household garbage.

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