Curbside Tree Debris Collection

FCC is collecting storm tree debris from residential addresses along with regular garbage and recycling service.  This emergency collection has been extended until the regular Friday collections are complete the week of July 26 to 30, 2021.
By 6AM on your regular collection day, place:
  • Tree debris in the 96-gallon black lid cart.  This is your primary disposal and should be fully utilized.
  • Bundled branches.  Branches up to 6 inches in diameter, and four feet long.  Tied with rope or twine.  Maximum weight 40 pounds.
  • Paper yardwaste bags
  • Pre-paid stickers will not be required this week.
  • Limbs with diameter greater than 6 inches are only accepted at the temporary drop-off locations.
Due to the additional volume, collection delays may occur.  FCC will work Monday-Saturday to provide service.
Augmented collection using City crews completed their work on Wednesday, July 28.
The city collection of large debris from residential properties collected and disposed of 3,033 dump truck loads of limbs and branches.
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