Holiday Collection Schedule

Six holidays are observed by the City’s collection contractor. No collection on the holiday.  Following a holiday, collection will be delayed by one day for the remainder of that week. Friday’s collection will be on Saturday. Holidays that land on a Saturday or Sunday do not affect collection.

Holiday When 2021 Holiday Schedule
Memorial Day Last Monday of May Monday, May 31, 2021. Collection delayed by one day for this week.
Independence Day July 4th The holiday is on a Sunday in 2021 and will not affect collection.
Labor Day First Monday in September Monday, September 6, 2021. Collection delayed by one day for this week.
Thanksgiving Day Fourth Thursday in November Thursday, November, 25, 2021. Collection will be delayed for those in the Thursday, and Friday areas this week.
Christmas Day December 25th The holiday is on a Saturday in 2021 and will not affect collection.
New Year's Day January 1st The holiday is on a Saturday in 2022 and will not affect collection.


Yardwaste may be placed in the black lid waste cart at any time of the year.

Excess yardwaste that does not fit in the cart must be placed in paper yardwaste bags.  With the exception of the time of Surge Yardwaste (what name is the best for this) collection described below, yardwaste bags must have a sticker applied for collection.  These stickers cost $1.98 each plus tax.  Stickers are available directly from FCC or from these retail locations.  Bundles of brush are also acceptable.  They must have a sticker also.  The bundles must not be longer than 4 feet, tied with string or twine, and no more than 40 pounds.

Spring and Fall Yardwaste Collection Season

To help accommodate the large quantity of yardwaste in the spring and fall, the City is providing a collection window when unlimited yardwaste will be collected and stickers will not be required.  In addition, this material will be composted to make Oma-Gro compost.

There will be a six week time in the spring and a six week time in the fall for this separate yardwaste collection.  The collection time will be adjusted each year, announced by the news media, and on

All yardwaste for this collection must be in paper yardwaste bags.  No plastic bags, no trash cans, no bundles of brush.  You may use your regular black lid waste cart for yardwaste at the same time, however material in the waste cart will not be composted.

Christmas Trees Collection Preparation

You are encouraged to utilize one of the Christmas tree collection sites where the trees will be put to a beneficial use.  At these collection sites, other than removing all decorations you don’t need to do anything else.

If not using a Christmas tree collection site, the tree may be cut up and fit into your black lid waste cart.  The branches of the Christmas tree may be trimmed off and tied up in a bundle, then with a sticker applied it will be collected.  The trunk may go in the cart.

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