70 or Disabled Assistance

Special location solid waste collection service is offered to Omaha households were all members of the household meet the following conditions: residents are either 70 years old or older, or have a doctor verified medical need. 

Special collection means that your black lid waste cart, and green lid recyclables cart will be collected from one special location that you choose. Note that special collection does not apply to the unlimited paper yardwaste bags collected during the limited time spring and fall surge yardwaste collection.  

After you are accepted onto special collection, please do not set out any materials for collection except at the location reported on your application form.  Doing so could unintentionally get you dropped from the assistance program.  Garbage and recyclables are collected on the same schedule and same day as your neighbors but usually by a different truck.

We must speak with you to get the process started.  A written application will be completed by city staff and sent to you to be signed by all members of the household. A person with Power of Attorney may sign on a resident’s behalf. If a resident is younger than 70 years old, a medical form provided by the City must be signed by a doctor as well. Generally, a doctor will complete the form without requiring an appointment.  Children under the age of 14 will be listed on the form but are not required to sign, nor get a doctor’s form signed.

After the City has received the completed paperwork and accepts you for the program, a letter will be mailed to you telling you when you may begin using the special collection location. Service will remain in effect for 10 years and may be renewed at the end of 10 years.  

Other Required Conditions: Households on the special collection service must have the street address clearly displayed towards the street and the alley if applicable. The special collection location must be within 25 feet of the house. In the winter, collection will not be made if there is very heavy snow or ice blocking the path to the special collection location. 

To begin the registration process for special collection service, call the solid waste help line at 402-444-5238 between 8am and 8pm weekdays.

What To Expect When Accepted Into Special Collection Service

Currently, our contractor picks up special collections on the same day as neighborhood collection. In most cases special collection customers can expect their waste to be collected by a truck different than the regular collection provided to their neighbors. To be sure you are not missed, you must have your carts out at your special collection location before 6AM.

All items should be picked up by 7PM on your collection day. Please help us serve you best by waiting to call about a missed collection until after 7PM on your regular collection day. Our number is 402-444-5238 and is answered by a live person24 hours a day.

The Scoop On Cart Size

Standardization is the name of the game with the automated collection used by FCC Environmental. Omaha’s standard issue carts are 96 gallon and measure 29 3⁄4” wide by 43 1⁄4” high by 35 3⁄4” deep and have a weight limit of 335 pounds. The 96-gallon cart has become the industry standard for cities all across the United States as it will easily hold seven kitchen size garbage bags. Filling the cart every week shouldn’t be the goal, but it is available space when you need it. A 96-gallon cart may be too large for some households, so a halfsize cart of 48-gallons and measuring 23 1⁄2” wide by 37 1⁄2” high by 28 3⁄4” deep is also available. Its weight limit is 168 pounds.

Households not on special collection will receive the standard issue 96-gallon carts to use for the first 90 day of the FCC Environmental contract.  Following the 90 days any household may request a change to the smaller 48-gallon cart.  Switching cart sizes is a long-term decision, so residents must be sure that the cart size works for you as different life events occur. Beginning March 1, the City will begin accepting requests for a cart size change. Those requests may be made either by completing the online form available here, or by calling 402-444-5238.

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