Recyclables are picked up once per week in Omaha. Deffenbaugh Industries, our collection contractor, uses packer trucks, commonly called garbage trucks, with large yellow RECYCLING signs on the side to collect and transport the recyclables. The recyclables are taken to an indoor, semi-automated, processing facility operated by Firstar Fiber. Firstar Fiber separates the different materials, compacts and bales the material for shipment to various companies to make new items. By using recycled resources to make new items, companies save billions of dollars each year in energy costs.

Here is an example of the process: an aluminum can that is recycled in Omaha, will be shipped to an aluminum plant where it is melted and used to make a new can that is then back on store shelves in as little as 60 days. That is called closed loop recycling and it starts right in your kitchen when you choose to recycle that can!