Welcome To Omaha!

Welcome to Omaha – we’re glad you’re here! The City of Omaha provides solid waste collection to its residents at no cost as required by Nebraska law (NRS 13-2020).

You do not need to sign up to receive garbage, recycling or yardwaste collection. Waste Management, the City’s collection contractor, will collect all properly prepared material (see our helpful tips section below on how to properly prepare your garbage, recycling and yardwaste).

We wish you the best of luck in your new home!

Omaha will be switching to City provided carted collection at the end of this year, with two carts delivered to all households this fall.  Read up on this new collection program by clicking here.

Weekly Collection

All your garbage, recyclables and yardwaste are collected on the same day via two or three trucks, depending on the season. Please have all your material properly prepared and out for collection at 6am on your designated collection day. Thanks for your cooperation! Together, we can make Omaha a cleaner, greener city for all to enjoy.

Collection Overview
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