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But not starting collection until the week of November 30, 2020!

Mayor Stothert with recycling cartWelcome to the future! Here’s what you need to know about your new carts so you’re ready to use them when the City of Omaha begins its new collection system the week of November 30.

Don’t worry, there is nothing you need to do.  No need to register.  All homes within the Omaha city limits that qualify for collection service will automatically receive two 96-gallon carts—one for waste (waste=garbage + yardwaste) and the other for recyclabling.

We will be providing routine updates to this page as the start of cart collection in Omaha nears. Or get a jump on things and read the issue of Wasteline that will be distributed with the carts. Just click here.

FCC Environmental is the new collection contractor. FCC was awarded the city’s collection contract back in December 2019, and has been building their Omaha operation ever since.

The cart with the BLACK LID is for your garbage AND yardwaste. Think of it as your waste cart (garbage + yard waste = waste). The cart with the GREEN LID is for your recyclables. On the front of each cart is a serial number identifying them as yours. Your waste cart will be picked up weekly on your current collection day. Your recycling cart will be picked up every other week on your current collection day.

Weekly Collection

Automated Collection

Please have your cart(s) out for collection at 6am on your designated collection day. Carts should be placed directly at the curb or roadway and AT LEAST three feet apart from each other or other objects (like trees, mailboxes, lamp posts and parked cars) so the mechanism on the truck can reach each cart. The cart handle should be toward your house. Thanks for your cooperation! Together, we can make Omaha a cleaner, greener city for all to enjoy.

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70 or disabled?
Assistance Available
Garbage + Yardwaste = Waste Disposal Brochure
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Large Family Extra Collection
Application Form
Countdown to Cart Collection
Wasteline Publication—Cart Edition

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Get an email when there are changes in the regular collection schedule for waste and recycling. Notifications will be sent prior to holidays and as notification of delays due to weather.

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