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FCC Automated Side Load Truck
FCC Is Hiring!

FCC has many positions to fill in all fields and trades as it builds its Omaha operation. FCC is coming…

Every Other Week Recycling

Recycling collection is provided every other week. Garbage and yardwaste collection is weekly. Find out your recycling collection schedule by…

Photo of garbage truck dumping trash into itself
Future Collection Contract
At the regular City Council meeting on August 27, 2019, the Council approved FCC Environmental to be Omaha's next solid waste collection contractor. The Council selected a two cart system, where one 96-gallon cart is for recycling and a second 96-gallon cart is for waste (garbage and yardwaste). In addition the Council approved a supplemental seasonal yardwaste collection contract where for six week in the spring and six weeks in the fall when additional yardwaste will be collected and composted.
Purple Recycling Bin Photo
Glass Recycling Now Has 9 Locations
Glass recycling is now easier and more convenient. Another glass collection site has been opened. There are now four glass only drop-off sites and five full service drop-off sites. One of the glass only drop-off sites is directly sponsored by Ripple Glass and the local business district.
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