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Welcome to Wasteline, Omaha’s solid waste program. Under the solid waste contracts begun in 2006, Omaha provides solid waste collection services to the residents of Omaha at a cost of $8.74 (cost in 2006) per household per month. The general fund, made up of property and sales tax, is the source of funds used to pay for this service. The total solid waste services annual budget is $14 million and includes all of these services:

Because the City holds a contract on behalf of all residents of Omaha, the City is able to obtain this service at substantially lower costs than that of the surrounding communities. The contract begun on January 1, 2006 will continue for 10 years, and has an option to extend the contract for an additional 5 years. Garbage, recycling and yardwaste collection consume 78% of the solid waste service budget.

Working together, we can make Omaha a cleaner, greener city for all to enjoy by:

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How To Prepare Your Materials For Collection

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