70 or Disabled Assistance

Special location solid waste collection service is offered to Omaha households were all members of the household meet the following conditions: residents are either 70 years old or older, or have a medical condition, verified by a doctor, that prevents them from being able to move solid waste containers to the curb or alley for collection.

Special collection means that your garbage, recyclables and yardwaste will be collected from one special location that you choose. After you are accepted onto special collection, please do not set out any materials for collection except at the location reported on your application form. Garbage and recyclables are collected on the same schedule and same day as your neighbors.

A written application must be completed and signed by all members of the household. A person with Power of Attorney may sign on a resident’s behalf. If a resident is younger than 70 years old, a medical form provided by the City must be signed by a doctor as well. Generally, a doctor will complete the form without requiring an appointment.

After the City has received all of the paperwork and accepts you for the program, a letter will be mailed to you telling you when you may begin using the special collection location. Service will remain in effect for 10 years and may be renewed at the end of 10 years.

Other Required Conditions: Households on the special collection service must have the street address clearly displayed towards the street and the alley if applicable. The special collection location must be within 25 feet of the house. In the winter, collection will not be made if there is very heavy snow or ice blocking the path to the special collection location. Trash cans and lids used for collection can not be wired or tided to a post with the exception of a resident who qualifies due to blindness.

To begin the registration process for special collection service, call the solid waste help line at 402-444-5238 between 8am and 8pm weekdays.

What To Expect When Accepted Into Special Collection Service

Currently, our contractor picks up special collections on the same day as neighborhood collection. In most cases special collection customers can expect their waste to be collected by a truck different than the regular collection provided to their neighbors. To be sure you are not missed, you must have your garbage, recyclable materials and yardwaste at your special collection location before 6AM.

All items should be picked up by 7PM on your collection day. Please help us serve you best by waiting to call about a missed collection until after 7PM on your regular collection day. Our number is 402-444-5238 and is open for your message 24 hours a day.

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