Every Other Week Recycling

Starts the week of June 29, 2020

Recycling collection will change to every other week service beginning on June 29. Garbage and yardwaste collection will remain weekly.

Find out your recycling collection schedule by first determining if you are in the A or B Group by clicking here, then print the recycling calendar by clicking here. A postcard that will tell you your grouping, and the calendar for collection is being mailed out prior to June 29.

The extra recyclables can be placed in a box or paper sack and set out with the recycling bin for collection. Families that need an additional recycling bin can contact UnderTheSink to make an appointment to pick up a bin, 402-444-7465. UnderTheSink is located at 4001 S 120th St. An appointment is required. UnderTheSink is open Wednesday through Saturday. For hours and more information, http://www.underthesink.org

Staff shortages at Waste Management have caused disruptions and inconsistent recycling collection. Changing to every other week recycling collection is intended to fix this problem.

With this change, Waste Management will have more trucks available to complete garbage and yardwaste collection on schedule.

This every other week recycling schedule was already planned for in the new collection contract that will begin late this year. FCC Environmental will be distributing carts for garbage/yardwaste and recycling to all households this fall.

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