Report Recycling Theft or Illegal Dumping

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Please complete the form below to report when you have observed recyclables being taken from a recycling bin or drop-off site, or if you observe illegal dumping at a drop-off site.

Note that all fields are required.
I observed someone: Taking recyclables from a recycling bin/container.
Placing non-recyclable material in a drop-off container.
Dumping garbage on the ground at a drop-off site.
License Plate:
[Without a plate number we won't be able to do anything]
Description of Vehicle:
Date Observed:
Approximate Time:
Location Where this Occurred:
Any Other Notable Condition or Observation: (optional)
[If you have photos, include your e-mail address here and we will contact you.]



This information is reported to the Omaha Police Department nuisance task force for follow up.


If you have photos that of the people or vehicle and would like to e-mail them, please send to: