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Click on an item below to find out more about recycling that material.

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Recycling Bins are Available for Pick Up

Recycling bins are available at no cost and may be picked up from one of seven locations. For a listing of locations Click here.

Recycling Drop-off Sites

Omaha has five recycling drop-off sites. For the current list of the City's drop-off sites, click here

Omaha uses single-stream recycling collection. Packer trucks, commonly called garbage trucks, with large yellow RECYCLING signs on the side and back, collect and transport recyclables to an indoor, semi-automated sorting facility.

Please set out your green bin every time you have recyclables for collection. Recycling crews look for the green bin to identify that there are recyclables for pick up.

There are city ordinances that regulate how garbage, yardwaste and recyclables are to be prepared for collection. The two sections of the Omaha Municipal Code that relate to solid waste are Chapter 33, ARTICLE II, Division 1, Section 33, Items 21-30 and Chapter 33, ARTICLE II, Division 2, Section 33, Items 41-49. The ordinances also speak to the ownership of material in recycling bins placed at the curb.

Recycling Packer Truck

A brochure (an Adobe® Acrobat® file) with this page's information is available by clicking here.

Recycling Collection Tips

Recycling Information Decal A decal with recycling reminders is available that you can apply to your recycling bin. Call 402-444-4500 to request a decal.

In Omaha, you can recycle these items in your green recycling bin:

All Clean Paper

  • To prevent litter, place in a paper sack or small cardboard box
  • Do not use plastic bags
  • Includes: Most all clean paper. Things like:
    Magazines Catalogues Phonebooks cereal box photo newspapers photo
    junkmail photo egg carton photo
    Newspaper Cereal Boxes Junkmail
    Detergent Boxes Greeting Cards Wrapping Paper
    Paper Books School Paper Paper Egg Cartons

  • Lay sack or box either inside bin, on top of bin, or next to your bin with opening facing away from wind.
  • cardboard boxesCorrugated cardboard. Flatten. Place on ground under bin or fold and stuff multiple boxes into one box and set out next to bin.
  • Packing tape and staples are OK.
  • NO! Do not include: Any soiled paper or these non-recyclable items.
    Paper plates Styrofoam Tissue Paper
    Hardbound Books Diapers Plastic Bags
    Rubber Bands    

Yes! Example Bag of Paper
Yes! Example Box of Paper


  • Place containers loose in the bin
  • Not in plastic bags or paper bags
  • NO! Do not include: motor oil or auto product bottles, lawn chemical bottles.
  • Gable top & Aseptic cartons, including: empty juice boxes, milk cartons, juice cartons and soup boxes.
     lemonade carton juice box milk carton soup box
    Plastic bottles, cups, caps, lids, food containers and packaging with numbers:
     #1 plastics PETE #2 plastics HDPE #3 plastics V #5 plastics PP
    • Flattening plastic bottles helps prevent litter.
    • Caps and lids are now OK.
    • Includes: Water bottles, pop bottles, cooking oil bottles, mouthwash bottles, shampoo bottles, cleaning product bottles, milk jugs, juice bottles, margarine tubs, whiped topping tubs, yogurt containers, sour cream containers, reusable/disposable food storage containers.
    • Includes:
      Plastic bottles Clamshell deli containers
      Snap top containers Microwave meal trays
      Plastic cups Clear plastic packaging
      Cookie trays DVD cases
    detergent bottle photo  take out cup photo  med-bottle (1K) 
    water bottle photo  dvd case photo  clear cup photo  yogurt container photo 
    deli container photo  clamshell container photo 
    Aluminum cans & Steel (tin) cans, including: empty aerosol cans, empty and dry paint cans with lid removed. Food cans, beverage cans.

    Tip: Place end (lid) of food cans inside can and crimp closed.

    aluminum can photo  steel (tin) can photo 
    paint can photo  aerosol can photo 
Yes! Example bin of containers


Energy Bag graphic If you choose to participate in using Energy Bags, place them in the bottom of the green bin with heavier materials on top to prevent them from blowing out of the open bin.

Additional information on obtaining and proper use of the Energy Bag may be found by clicking here.

glass bottles photo

A Word About Glass

Glass is not collected from the green recycling bins. Glass is recyclable if you take it to a drop-off site. More information is available about drop-off sites by clicking here.


Collection Missed?

Call 402-444-5238 after 7PM on your collection day.

Recycling Billboard


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Garbage Collection Info Recycling Collection Info Yardwaste Collection Info
Water Bottle - PETE #1 Empty Aerosol Paint Cans Aluminum Soda Can Steel/Tin Food Can Milk Carton Detergent Bottle - HDPE #2 Corrugated Cardboard Cereal Box Broth Box Paper Egg Carton List of Recyclables in Omaha Newspaper Juice Box Telephone Book PETE Cup Yogurt Container Deli Container Magazines & Catalogues Orange Juice Carton Junkmail