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Photo of Various Recyclables

Glass bottles and jars may be recycled at any of the Omaha drop-off sites. The full service drop-off sites also accept all of the recyclables that are collected from Omaha's curbside collection program. Glass bottles and jars must be kept separate from the other recyclables. You will find at least two containers at the full service drop-off sites; one for glass bottles and jars and a separate container for all other recyclables. At glass only drop-off sites, a single purple container collects all collors of glass bottles and jars.

Illegal dumping at the drop-off sites is punishable by a fine of up to $500, loss of drivers license for 6 months and all clean up costs. Omaha Municipal Code, Chapter 34, ARTICLE I, Section 4.

Theft of recyclables from a drop-off site or recycling bins is punishable by state and local laws. Omaha Municipal Code: Chapter 33, ARTICLE II, Division 1, Section 33, Item 29. Nebraska Revissed Statutes: Chapter 28, Section 511.

Energy Bags

Energy Bags are accepted at Omaha's recycling drop-off sites. Place Energy Bags, in the container with the mixed recyclables, separate from glass bottles and jars.

photo of glass bottles Glass Bottles and Jars:

Remove and discard lids. Rinse. Labels may stay on.

Deposit glass bottles and jars in the separate glass only colleciton container.

Not accepted: Drinking glasses, mirrors, window glass, light bulbs, dishware, ceramics.
Glass Only Drop-off Sites
Far West Central
1000 S 178th Street
(180th & Pacific)
Fresh Thyme
14949 Evans Plaza
(150th & Maple)
(West Grayhawk Shopping Center)
West Central
Westwood Plaza
12075 West Center Road
(Near the Taco Bell)
Heartland Park
800 Douglas Street
(East of Heartland Park Parking Lot,
Riverfront Drive)

photo of lemonade carton photo of juice box photo of milk carton photo of soup box Gable top and Aseptic food cartons:

Includes empty juice boxes, milk cartons, juice cartons and soup boxes.

Remove and discard any lids or straws.


aluminum can photo  steel (tin) can photo 
paint can photo  aerosol can photo 
Steel (tin) Cans & Aluminum Cans:

Rinse. To save space, flatten. For steel (tin) cans, remove one end, place inside the can, then crimp the open end shut. Labels may stay on. Also accepted: Out of date license plates. Destroy or mutilate before recycling is encouraged

Not accepted: Aluminum foil or metal parts.

#1 plastics PETE #2 plastics HDPE #3 plastics V #5 plastics PP
detergent bottle photo  take out cup photo  med-bottle (1K) 
water bottle photo  dvd case photo  clear cup photo  yogurt container photo 
deli container photo  clamshell container photo 
Plastic bottles, cups, caps, lids, food containers and packaging with numbers:
  • Flattening plastic bottles helps use space more efficiently and prevents litter.
  • Caps and lids are now OK.
  • Includes: Water bottles, pop bottles, cooking oil bottles, mouthwash bottles, shampoo bottles, cleaning product bottles, milk jugs, juice bottles, margarine tubs, whip topping tubs, yogurt containers, sour cream containers, reusable/disposable food storage containers.
  • Includes:
    Plastic bottles Clamshell deli containers
    Snap top containers Microwave meal trays
    Plastic cups Clear plastic packaging
    Cookie trays DVD cases

cereal box photo newspapers photo
junkmail photo egg carton photo
cardboard boxes photo

All Clean Paper

  • Do not use plastic bags
  • Includes: Most all clean paper. Things like:
    Magazines Catalogues Phonebooks
    Newspaper Cereal Boxes Junkmail
    Detergent Boxes Greeting Cards Wrapping Paper
    Paper Books School Paper Paper Egg Cartons

  • Corrugated cardboard. Flatten to use space more efficiently.
  • Packing tape and staples are OK.
  • NO! Do not include: Any soiled paper or these non-recyclable items.
    Paper plates Styrofoam Tissue Paper
    Hardbound Books Diapers Paper Plates
    Rubber Bands Rubber bands Plastic Bags

Omaha Full Service Drop-off Site Locations

West Drop-off Site West Drop-off Site
Parking Lot at 20801 Elkhorn Drive
The site is open:
  • Daily: 7AM - 7PM
Northwest Drop-off Site Northwest Drop-off Site
Parking Lot at North 75th and Corby Streets (Corby is one block south of Maple St)
The site is open:
  • Daily: 7AM - 7PM
North East Drop-off Site Northeast Drop-off Site
Parking Lot at the northeast corner of South 26th Avenue and Douglas Street.
The site is open:
  • Daily: 7AM - 7PM
Southwest Drop-off Site Southwest Drop-off Site
Firstar Fiber, 10330 'I' Street
Use the East driveway to Firstar.
The site is open:
  • Daily: 7AM - 7PM
Southeast Drop-off Site Southeast Drop-off Site
River City Recycling, 6404 South 60th Street (between Q and Harrison)
This site accept recyclables free and is a dump location for bulky items (there is a fee for all materials except recyclables).
The site is open:
  • Monday through Friday: 8AM - 4:30PM, year 'round.
  • Saturday: 8AM - 4:30PM, Spring, Summer and Fall
  • Saturday: 8AM - NOON, Winter
Full Service site iconFull Service Recycling Drop-off Site
(all materials listed accepted)
Glass Only site iconGlass Only Recycling Drop-off Site

Recycling Collection

Omaha households (single family homes and apartment buildings collected under the City's solid waste collection contract [not dumpster service]) receive recycling collection service using a green recycling bin. For more information, click here.

  Water Bottle - PETE #1 Empty Aerosol Paint Cans Aluminum Soda Can Steel/Tin Food Can Milk Carton Juice Box Detergent Bottle - HDPE #2 Corrugated Cardboard Cereal Box Broth Box Newspaper Junkmail Orange Juice Carton Yogurt Container Paper Egg Carton Papers & Files Telephone Directory Magazines & Catalogues Glass Bottles & Jars