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The City of Omaha provides solid waste collection at no cost to its residents, as required by Nebraska law (NRS 13-2020).

You do not need to sign up to receive garbage, recycling or yardwaste collection. Waste Management, the City's collection contractor, will collect all properly prepared material.

The links on this page will get you up to speed on garbage collection and other waste disposal options.

Weekly Collection

All materials, garbage, recyclables and yardwaste, are collected on the same day with either two or three trucks depending on the season. Your material must be out and available for collection at 6AM on your collection day.

Garbage, Recycling and Yardwaste collection complete overview brochure - Click here. Or here's a color version of all the regular information that is included in the full size, mailed, versions of WASTELINE click here.

Webpages about:

Wondering what your collection day is? Click here

What holidays affect the collection schdule? Click here

Older than 70, or disabled? Assistance is available - Click here

Recycling bins are provided - Click here. Trash cans are not provided, and should not be larger than 32 gallons.

Item Too Big for Weekly Collection?

Omaha does not have a collection program for bulky items. We do have these opportunities to dispose of bulky items if you can transport it from your home.

Bulky Item Disposal cost share program. There is a nominal charge to use this program to dispose of bulky items at an Omaha garbage transfer station.

Spring Clean Up, during April and May, is an opportunity to dispose of bulky items at no cost. Neighborhood groups host these events and help residents unload their bulky items. Click here

Household Chemicals and Paint

The City of Omaha operates a household hazardous waste collection facility to collect special wastes that should not go in the landfill or down the drain. The facility is called UnderTheSink and it is located at 4001 South 120th Street. For more information, visit their website by clicking here.