Holiday Collection Schedule

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Six holidays are observed by the City’s collection contractor. Following a holiday, collection will be delayed by one day for the remainder of that week. Friday’s collection will be on Saturday. Holidays that land on a Saturday or Sunday do not affect collection.

Yardwaste Collection Season

Yardwaste is now collected year-round when properly prepared. Seasonally, yardwaste will be collected in conjunction with garbage. Properly prepared containers of yardwaste do not count against the 5 containers of garbage limit. Yardwaste that is not properly prepared, and containers of yardwaste mixed with garbage will not be collected. Christmas trees must be prepared as yardwaste, being cut down to 4 foot lenthgs, branches 2 inches in diameter maximum, and bundled with string or twine. The City plans to continue operating its Christmas tree collection sites where trees may be dropped off without any special preparation.