Omaha Waste Collection FAQs

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I didnít get my garbage out in time last week so will I be able to put out twice the amount next week?

No, the limit is still 5 containers.

My material was tagged as over weight. How do they know it was over weight? I got it to the curb, why canít they collect it?

Each crew picks up the waste from over 2,000 households per day. The 45 pound limit is a federal guideline to protect the workers from injury. They are very experienced and will give the benefit of the doubt to the resident unless itís grossly over weight.

My material was tagged as Over Weight but thatís just because it rained last night and itís wet. Itís not my fault.

The weight limit on cans is 45 pounds. The containers will need to be less than 45 pounds to be collected next week. To avoid this situation in the future, we suggest using trash cans with lids or switching to bags instead.

My material was tagged as Over Weight, but now Iíve divided it up into more containers. When will they be back to pick it up?

Your next day of collection.

Animals tipped over my can and there is litter everywhere. Why wasnít the litter picked up?

The contractor is not responsible for litter in the area prior to their arrival.

My garbage can was emptied but there is still trash in the bottom of it. Why didnít they dig out the trash at the bottom?

The contractor is not required to dig out trash that is stuck in the bottom of the can. It is not safe for the collector to reach into a trash can. To avoid this problem, you could use plastic bags for garbage and the special paper yardwaste bags.

I had branches bundled and when the crew picked it up the string broke and they just left it. Why didnít they go ahead and take the branches?

Branches need to be securely bundled to avoid this. The crew is not responsible for picking up branches that are not bundled securely.

Someone is going through my recycling and taking out the cans. What can I do about that?

This is considered theft of City property and should be reported to the non-emergency police number at 402-444-5600. It helps if you have a good description of the person, their vehicle and license plate number.

My trash was tagged because it is in a black bag. Iíve always used black bags and never had a problem before. Why didnít they take them today?

The Cityís municipal code and our contract with Deffenbaugh prohibits the use of black bags however it is the discretion of the contractor to risk penalties at the landfill if unauthorized items have been discarded in a black bag.

Is garbage collected on holidays?

Six holidays are observed by the collection contractor and affect the collection schedule of all material, recycling, garbage and yardwaste. When holidays occur during the work week collection is delayed by one day for the remainder of that week, with the regularly scheduled Friday collection occurring on Saturday. The following holidays are observed:
  • New Years Day (January 1)
  • Memorial Day (Last Monday in May)
  • Independence Day (July 4)
  • Labor Day (First Monday in September)
  • Thanksgiving (Fourth Thursday in November)
  • Christmas (December 25)

An e-mail reminders service about the holiday collection schedule is available. To register click here.