Garbage Regulations

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Because of state and federal mandates, there are limits to the types of waste that you may include in your garbage. Also, there are city ordinances that regulate how garbage is to be prepared for collection. The two sections of the Omaha Municipal Code that relate to solid waste are available as Acrobat documents through the following two links Chapter 33, ARTICLE II, Division 1, Section 33, Items 21-30 and Chapter 33, ARTICLE II, Division 2, Section 33, Items 41-49. Properly prepared containers of yardwaste do not count against the 5 containers of garbage limit.

Photo of Garbage Can

Photo of Garbage Bag

  • Trash cans up to 32 gallons that weigh up to 45 pounds when full.
  • See-through bags (clear bags preferred) and weighing up to 30 pounds when full.
  • Up to five containers of garbage per week (example 2 trash cans and 3 bags).
  • Place within 5 feet of curb, approved alley or other approved location.
  Photo of Black Bag
  • A mixture of garbage and yardwaste.
  • Natural Christmas trees. Follow yardwaste collection rules.
  • Rocks, dirt and concrete.
  • Dead animals.
  • Any liquids.
  • Loose pet waste or cat litter.
  • Tires, engines or other large auto parts.
  • Bulky items (couches, chairs, stoves, etc.).
  • Dark plastic bags that you can't see through.
  • Motor oil and automotive batteries. Visit for disposal.
  • Cardboard boxes (empty or full) when not in a can or bag.
  • Any material not in a can or see-through bag.


Collection Missed?

Call 402-444-5238 after 7PM on your collection day.