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Collection Status  

Collection is currently:

On Regular Schedule.

Any missed collections should be reported to the City's Solid Waste Helpline, 402-444-5238, after 7:00PM on your collection day.

To receive e-mail notifications of delays and changes affecting garbage, recycling and yardwaste collection, click here.

The next holiday that will affect the collection schedule is Memorial Day, Monday, May 28, 2018. For a list of all the 2017 holidays, click here.

updated:    May 14, 2018, 13:59

Omaha Spring Clean Up

It's time for Omaha's Spring Clean Up. This is your chance to get rid up unwanted large items that aren't collected in your weekly waste collection. Mattresses, appliances, furniture, tires, and more.

Spring Clean Up is on Saturdays from April 14 to May 19, 2018. For complete details, click here.

Waste Management is Hiring!

Apply to be a driver for Waste Management. A CDL (commercial drivers license) is required.

Entry Level CDL - to apply, click here.

Glass Recycling Now Has 9 Locations

photo of glass bottlesphoto of a recycling containerGlass recycling is now easier and more convenient. Another glass collection site has been opened. There are now four glass only drop-off sites and five full service drop-off sites. One of the glass only drop-off sites is directly sponsored by Ripple Glass and the local business district.

So now there are ten glass recycling locations in Omaha, with plans for more. For a complete listing of the drop-off sites, click here.

Keep Omaha Beautiful Inc, and Ripple Glass of Kansas City, worked with the City of Omaha to start the two new sites.

Learn more about Ripple Glass and their recycling process by watching the video linked here.

thumbnail of the Wasteline publicationOctober Issue of Wasteline in the Mail

Going in the mail today is the October issue of Wasteline. Covered in this edition—

Future Collection Contract

The City is in the process of determining what should be part of the next solid waste colleciton contract. The next collection contractor must be in place and ready to start by January 1, 2021, if not before.

Four Open Houses have already been held to discuss with residents what is being considered

To learn more about the the ideas being considered and to stay up to date with the process, click here.

New Residents - Click here

Best Lawn Care Choices

Lawn Care Mowing Plan brochure cover

Changing lawn mowing practices promotes a healthy lawn and reduces the amount of material at your curb for collection.

This lawn care management plan is easy to follow and good for the environment. It is issued by the Douglas/Sarpy Cooperative Extension Service. To get the brochure, just click here.

The Cooperative Extension also has these NebGuides that may be helpful to you in maintaining your lawn and garden.

Many other composting and lawn care resources may be found on the internet. To start you off, here are two.

Photo of recycling theftPhoto of illegal dumping

Taking Recyclables From A Bin or Dumping Non-Recyclables At A Drop-off Site Are Both Crimes

If you observe someone taking recyclables from a recycling bin or drop-off site, please report it. It's a crime! Likewise if you observe someone making a mess at a drop-off site by either leaving material on the ground, or placing non-recyclables in a recycling collection container, please report it. It's a crime!

Button to go to reporting pageReporting these crimes is easy and you will remain anonymous. Just jot down the license plate number and vehicle description. Note the date and time then report this information to the on-line you will find by clicking here. Taking a picture of the person in the act of stealing or dumping material can be used as evidence, especially for repeat offenders. Pictures can be submitted by e-mail as explained on the form.

Find out your solid waste collection day

Look up your regular solid waste collection day by clicking here.

Photo of damaged trash can

How do I dispose of an old or damaged trash can?

Deffenbaugh doesn't want to mistakenly dispose of a trash can that you want to keep and repair so you must follow these instructions. To dispose of a trash can, call 402-444-5238. The clerk that answers will take down your name, address and the number of trash cans you need to dispose. Instructions and labels that must be applied to your unwanted trash cans will be mailed to you.

Disposing of a damaged recycling bin is very similar, you may call 402-444-5238 and have a bright orange label mailed to you that will have the picked up and recycled, or you may pick up an orange label along with a new bin at one of the recycling bin distribution locations.

Photo of broken recycling bin

Seven Locations Available for Obtaining a Recycling Bin

Omaha now has seven distribution locations for recycling bins, many with evening and weekend hours. If you need an additional bin or need your bin replaced, visit one of these locations. Bins are available to Omaha households at no cost. For a listing of recycling bin distribution locations, click here.

I want it all!

Get all the basics and more from this simple 4 page brochure (updated August 2012) that covers recycling, garbage and yardwaste. The brochure includes information on bulky item disposal, special collection for handicapped/seniors, and holiday information. To open this Adobe Acrobat brochure, just click here. Or here's a color version of all the regular information that is included in the full size, mailed, versions of WASTELINE click here.

Información en español:  Wasteline Edición Español (Spanish updated December 2014)


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